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Beware what you put to paper – it may come back to haunt you

It’s that time of year again – NaNoWriMo. And I find myself, tush in seat, fingers to the keyboard, wracking my brain for a story. My adoring wife wants me to build one to a worst-first sentence I once crafted. That’s not fair, it actually won that particular competition. But it was a throw away line. One intended to illicit a giggle and little more.

But now, almost fifteen years later, I find myself trying to find the story in twenty-eight words and a crushed lawn flamingo. Worse yet, procrastinating here, throwing up a blog post, because I haven’t done one in months, just to avoid Eleanor and her blasted flamingos…

I probably should be crowing about my two published short stories. The first, an accidental time travel piece, Fiddler, published by Bayonet Books in their First Contact Anthology – Contact This. You should check it out, the cover art is amazing. The second, due out later this year is a post apocalyptic piece, by the same publisher – #IceteroidSurviors?  I’ll up date with a link as soon as it is out.

I’m very excited about both, and that I actually have an Amazon Author’s Page – Rick Shaw.

Okay, I guess that’s enough procrastination and I need to get back to stringing words and trying to find the story in a flattened lawn ornament.

Check back again soon. If for no other reason than to find the link for my next publication.