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In years past this has been home to Rickshaw Consulting. Rickshaw Consulting is now, and I’ll be updating that site shortly. I’m a technology executive with over 35 years experience driving operations – in both higher education and the publishing/media industries. In January I retired from full-time roles. Yes I still do accept odd projects. If you’re in need, click the email icon (upper right corner) and drop a note. If I’m not the right fit, I’ll likely know someone who is.

About Rick Shaw, Author

I believe, deeply, everyone needs a cathartic release. Whether it is hiking, running marathons, sports, or the rumble of a Road King with fellow bikers. Everyone needs something completely different from what you do to pay the bills. A few years back I turned to writing. Late in the evening, when the house is quite, I slip on my headphones, turn up the music, and immerse myself in worlds, characters, and stories of my making. It took a while, but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I’m one of those people that enjoys telling lies to strangers, and killing people, for the entertainment of others.

On June 6, 2023 my first two novels have been published by 2FBooksThe Tunguska Deception & Genesis Renewed are available on Amazon in Kindle, Print (paperback), and via KU. Please check them out, and leave a review.

I was active with SFF-OnlineWritersWorkshop early in my development as a writer. I encourage writers, of SciFi/Fantasy/Horror, looking for an active and supportive environment to check it out. I listen to a number of podcasts. There’s a list of favorite podcasts on the front page of this site.

I am also a frequent attendee of the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. The friendliest and most supportive community of writers you will ever find. I strongly recommend Matt Pallamary’s Phantastic Fiction as well as John Reed & Lorelei Armstrong‘s Pirate Sessions.

I have also recently joined the 20BooksTo50K Community – you can find this community on Facebook. They have a rocking annual conference in Vegas in November. Close to 2000 generous attendees. A community of writers who want to see everybody succeed.

Through 20BooksTo50K I’ve also found the International Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy
Authors (IASFA). This is a group dedicated to supporting indy authors. No drama, just efforts and
education for indy authors looking to succeed.

Be sure to check out my author’s page on Amazon –

Thank you for dropping by