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It’s the little things that keep you energized

I had the coolest thing happen to me a couple of days ago, and I’m still buzzing from it.

Back in June, I had a short story accepted for an anthology; my first short story sale. At the time I thought cool. I found a home for Fiddler (the story’s title). I did a little happy dance, and then moved on.

Earlier this week, the publisher of the anthology, Bayonet Books, published the collection of shorts on Amazon for pre-sale. One of those also ‘cool things’. And I did my part, posted links, let folks know, etc.

Now the cool thing, a colleague called out down the hall. “Hey, have you done a search for yourself on Amazon?” Not something I’ve ever done… The anthology came up as the top item in the search. My name, as a published author, brought up something on Amazon… I’m still a little giddy over it.

So, if you want to join in on my fun, go to Amazon and in the search line type Rick Shaw. It now comes up as the second item in the search – Contact This!: A First Contact Anthology The Kindle version is available now, a print version should be available shortly.

Now back to my happy dance….