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Month: September 2023

Oops, I did it again! I hit publish for a second time.

Not really an oops. I was planning to announce this after the start of October, but Amazon was more efficient than expected and Genesis Renewed: Book 1 in the Genesis Renewed Saga went live this morning. Genesis Renewed is the first of what I anticipate being a five or six-book series, focused on a community of survivors after the global dispersal of a celestial pathogen. Mankind is near extinction, and Dave Sharp is thrust into the role of protector. Initially protecting what remains of his family, then finding others and protecting them from the evil that has survived. Genesis Renewed…

Check out my Substack – UPDATED

Update 6 January 2024 – I’ve decided to terminate my account with Substack due to their support of hate speech. It’s their business, they can keep whatever content / customers they wish, and I will exercise my right to not pass my traffic/readers through their site. Folks who were signed up to my newsletter have been ported to my new setup – I’ll be hosting it myself. My target is one newsletter a month with updates on my writing, things I find cool, and new picts of the Shaw Shack Hooligans. Thank you all for your support. Hey folks, I’ve…

What a flipping treat!!!

A couple of weeks back, I was asked to participate in a panel on the future of art and artificial intelligence. J Daniel Sawyer, Joe Vasicek, and little old me, along with the host JR Handley. To borrow from JR’s intro… “We wandered all around the topic before we reached the final destination. We ended at a solid MEH as our group opinion while clutching our pearls and telling everyone that the sky was falling!” Please check it out, I think you’ll find it as interesting as we did. Blasters and Blades Episode 279