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Month: July 2023

A Guest Seat with DRS

I’ve been a long time listener of the Dead Robots Society – through several of its incarnations. I was thrilled to be invited to sit in to discuss writing in general and my recently published debut novel, The Tunguska Deception. Please take a listen. Hope you enjoy the conversation as much as i did. And, no, i have no idea why Paul chose to pick time mark with my eyes closed.

At the request of readers

It has taken a little getting used to… the request by readers to sign a copy of my book. And even more than that, folks requesting to buy signed copies on line. I’ve had to come to grips with something I knew, intellectually. This is a business, and I need to look at these requests not only as support from my wider community, but also customers/readers/fans who genuinely want to support me in my storytelling world. To that end, I’ve stood up a SquareSpace store for direct selling and fulfillment. If you click on the shopping cart, up in the…