In years past it has been home to Rickshaw Consulting, and yes I still do the odd job on the side. Recently I did a redesign for the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance. I also provide hosting services for AFWASB, as well as Faulconer-Boger. Their redesign was done by 451 Media. If you're looking for a site redesign or hosting, please drop me a note. If I don't have time, I know someone who does.

Today, however, this site serves largely as a repository for the occasional family photo, my favorite quotes, and domains I own that are for sale. Evenings and weekends I write - Science Fiction and Thrillers mostly. Sometime in the near future I'll post samples, and you can judge for yourself. I hope you enjoy the quotes and occasional read. And thank you for stopping by.

Domains for Sale

Who am I

I'm a life long learner and an avid reader, with an eclectic academic background. It started with an AA & BA in History. Then add some graduate study in History and later doctoral study in Medical Information Science, now Biological and Medical Informatics at UC San Francisco. In 2007, I completed a Masters Degree in Knowledge Management (Yes I know it is an oximoron) at CSU Nothridge. Someday I hope to return to graduate study and complete my PhD in History.

Professionally, I've spent twenty-seven years in technology consulting, operations, and support services, with over twenty-two years in senior leadership roles. Currently I'm the Executive Director of Technology for the Antelope Valley Community College District, in Lancaster, CA.

I believe that everyone needs a cathartic release. Whether it is hiking, running marathons, sports, or the rumble of a harley and fellow bikers; everyone needs something completely different from what you do to pay the bills. A few years back I turned to writing. Late in the evening, when the house is quite, I slip on my headphones, turn up the music, and emerse myself in the worlds, characters, and stories of my making. It took a while, but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I'm one of those people that likes to tell lies to strangers and kill people for the entertainment of others.

I am intermittently active with SFF-OnlineWritersWorkshop. I encourage writers, of SciFi/Fantasy/Horror, looking for an active and supportive environment to check it out.

Domains For Sale

I've had declined high five-figure offers for rickshaw.com.
Please don't ask unless you're really interested in opening your checkbook.

I've heald other domains for many years.
They've been apart of now defunct projects, and are available.

hitsonline.com - Make me an offer

xtrasoft.com - Make me an offer

rickshaw.ws - Make me an offer