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Illusions of progress

Imagine, if you will, two stories.  With a common premise. Interdependent upon one another. Authored a year apart. The second, done as a challenge by my well-intentioned band of lunatics. The Tunguska Deception has been my personal insanity since December, with the successful completion of 2016’s NaNoWriMo.

My current challenge is stitching together these two stories, each approximately 50,000 words. The first never intending to have the second timeline as a companion/partner.

Add to this, the mounting pressure of a small, but mighty and vocal, fan base clamoring for more since the publication of the first two chapters in the January Edition of Luna Review.

For those looking for an update. I’m continuing to make progress revising and refining the initial story lines. I’m tripping across fewer and fewer continuity and foreshadowing inconsistencies. I’m continuing to struggle with the Tesla connection and the knitting together of the two timelines.

For all who have sent words of encouragement and praise. Thank you for the validation and support. Keep your fingers crossed kids. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


The Fervid Imagination and Writing Process of Rick Shaw – by M. Talley

Rick Shaw has been part of the Southern California writing community for over a decade. Though I have known him for roughly five years, we both attended the Santa Barbara Writers Conference for the first time in 2005, when it was held at Westmont College in Montecito. When I read Rick’s work, I think, this is a guy who could actually make money off his books. (more)

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